Top questions about delivery.

1. How long does it take to get a Park Model?

Normally within 4-6 weeks of placing the order.  During the summer months it may extend to 8-10 weeks or longer.  Keep checking back to make sure you don’t get caught in the backlog or ask that we contact you when it is appropriate to place your order.

2.  Can I request a specific delivery date?

Sure as long as you are aware that mother nature or other factors could delay delivery on the exact date you requested. 

Most people schedule installation, A/C, other contractors for the anticipated delivery date of the unit.  You would save yourself a lot of frustration if you wait until the unit arrives before making all the appointments or at least make the appointments for the week after the anticipated delivery date. 

The installation contractors we deal with normally tell us to call once the unit is onsite.

3.  What should I do to prepare for delivery?

Check the tree line clearance on your property and county roads leading to your property.  All non-loft units will need at least 15′ of clearance; loft units at least 16′ of clearance.  If you have a gate onto your property make sure it will allow at minimum 14′ wide clearance to pull through.

You can pre-level the area that the Park Model will be placed to make installation a lot easier.  You do not necessarily have to pour a pad.

Make sure you have water, 50-amp electrical panel, and sewer available within 20′ of the unit.

4.  What should I expect when the unit ships?

The trucks are large commercial trucks.  They are 30′ in length; with the Park Model attached it would total 65-70′ in length.  Delta RV will provide you with the drivers name and phone number so you can be in contact with him.  The driver will be able to tell you of his progress and anticipated time for delivery.

5.   Is the unit covered by insurance while in transit?

Yes, as long as it is on the drivers hitch it is covered by the freight companies insurance.  If he is involved in an accident along the route your unit is totally covered.

There are situations that are beyond the drivers control.  Such as the tape and texture cracking that will occur as the unit transport (uneven pavement, pot holes in road, etc).  This occurs in every unit and is not a structural defect. 

Another situation that occurs is damage to loft units when transport takes the unit through county roads that are over grown with trees.  While the driver will do his best to avoid branches some times it is unavoidable.  To make a simple correlation you can not thread a rope through a needle without fraying it.   You might want to check with your County road department to see if they will clear the tree branches sufficiently to allow the unit to travel without damage.

6.  What happens when the unit is delivered?

The driver will park it where you want it as long as there is sufficient room for him.  You need to inspect the exterior for any road damage to the unit and note it on the freight bill.  Be prepared to have a step ladder handy to get into the unit.

If you are ordering a tape and texture unit expect some hairline cracking around the window sills.  It happens and it is not a major issue.  There may be dust on the floor from the bouncing of the roads.  A few of the shingles may blow off during transport.   But overall the units arrive it great shape.  Keep a list of noticeable items as you walk through it the first time.

Once the unit is leveled and utilities are connected test each electrical outlet and water lines.  Request the gas company to come out and test the gas line and convert stove connections if required or the heater to natural gas if appropriate. 

Add any other issues to your initial inspection list and forward it to Delta RV Brokers for warranty work.