This brief slide presentation shows various floor plans offered in the Sedona, Malibu, and Sunburst Loft series.

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Choices abound within the 4 brands of  Park Model Cottages which made Cavco a name synonymous with quality.  No other Park Model manufacturer offers the selection of floor plan designs with depth of standard and optionCottagesal features that of  Cavco.  Cavco has been the premiere manufacturer for over 20 years, while continuing to pioneer the Park Model RV industry.   Cavco Goodyear specializes in all price points, custom design and building high quality park models.

A park model RV includes features and details you will not get with a traditional RV, such as covered porches and household size appliances. Park models allow you more flexibility. With this type of RV you can choose to live wherever you want without spending a fortune, and don’t have to sacrifice certain comforts and amenities. Essentially, a park model home brings together the advantages of a mobile home and the advantages of a traditional home in a perfect mix of affordability and portability.