Top questions about installation.

1.  Does the Park Model installation need to be placed on a foundation?

Not necessarily, although we have run into a County that requires a foundation.

2.  How is it leveled?

The factory strongly recommends placing metal piers or jacks every 2-3 feet down each I-beam.  We have found using metal piers are much easier to fine tune leveling than the cement piers.  Plan on at least 5 down each side.

For your safety as well as protection of your Park Model you should have a professional installer level the unit.  

3.  Do the axles remain on or are they removed?

It’s up to you or your park regulations.  You probably should raise the unit enough to get the tires off the ground.

4.  Can the Park Model be lowered to ground level?

It’s not recommended to have the I-beams touching ground, plus it would make connecting the sewer and gas line difficult.

5.  Can the hitch be removed?

Yes, it’s bolted on.  Check with your park manager for regulations pertaining to hitch removal.  Some parks require the hitch to remain on.