Top questions when ordering a unit.

1.  What is the process for ordering a unit?

A.  If you will be placing the Park Model on private property make sure the County regulations will allow an RV/Park Trailer/Park Model on the property. Some will allow ‘efficiency units’/’granny flats’/’accessory buildings’.

B.  Make sure the property and access roads to the property allow sufficient width and turning radius for a 30′ truck towing a 34-35′ Park Model.  They need a wide turning radius.   Do not assume since the Park Model is going into an RV or Mobile Home park that the streets will accommodate the truck and unit.  Check with the park manager first.

C.  Decide which plan fits your needs.  We can help if it’s too confusing.

D.  Select the countertops, drapery, flooring, and exterior colors

E.  Upon receipt of the deposit your order is then placed with the factory.

2.  What “hidden costs” are there?

There are no hidden costs.  Options not offered by the factory should be considered: A/C, skirting, steps, awnings.  We will go over  all options for the unit, freight, installation, A/C, sales tax (if you’re in a sales tax State), and vehicle registration fees.

3.  Is the final balance paid after the unit arrives?

No, the factory will not ship your unit until it is paid in full.   You will receive a final invoice showing the VIN and approximate ship date.  It will also show the balance due date.  Try to pay in full by the balance due date to avoid any delay in shipment.